Sweetcorn and chilli fritters with spicy tomato sauce (can be made dairy free)

Thursday, October 02, 2008
I first came by the recipe for sweetcorn fritters when researching vegan dishes for a weekend-long vegan menu. I found I liked them so much I decided to put them on the menu permenantly.

I replace the soy milk (unless it is for a vegan guest) with normal milk and make them in a ring - like the crispy noodles.

A starter without salad? Yes - roast celery batons and peppers are mixed with celery leaves (a too often unused ingredient -the leaves have the best flavour) and parsley - in this case flat leaf parsley straight from a garden in Broadway.

The tomato sauce is similar to the one seen in the baked cannellini beans - onions, plum tomatoes and garlic cooked down for a good two hours till the flavour is rich and condensed. To this I added a dash or two (or three) of tobasco, Worcestershire sauce and olive oil. I added the vine cherry tomatoes for the remaining 2 minutes so they could soften while I was finishing off the smoked duck salad for the non-vegetarians. A sprinkling of chopped basil and the fresh parsley finished off the tomato sauce just before plating up.

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