Potato gnocci with roasted root vegetables and sage beurre noisette

Thursday, October 02, 2008

There's a simple rule I have for vegetarian dishes - they should taste so good that even non-vegetarians would want to eat them.

Celariac puree is the first component on the plate with roasted carrot julienne, lightly seasoned with cumin on top, twirled with a roasting fork to give it a bit of height. Roast parsnips (an autumn favourite) sit against it, a couple of roasted beetroot at the back, and parsnip crisps on top of the carrots.

The gnocci is pan fried to get the caramelisation flavour, and it is finished with a classic sage beurre noisette which always goes very well with gnocci.

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Anonymous said...

Tasting good, what a concept! This looks great, James. :-)