Grilled fillet of salmon with steamed leeks and mangetout, a mussel broth and crispy noodles

Thursday, October 02, 2008
While I liked my old salmon dish with creamed leeks, new potatoes and a thyme and mussell broth, I wanted to try something lighter this time round.

I do like the leek and salmon combination, so this time steamed them with mangetout and then seasoned them with soy sauce. What I absolutely did not want was a strong soy flavour - you can leave that for chinese cooking, but just wanted a background seasoning - using the soy instead of salt.

The salmon is grilled as shown here - 1001 kitchen tips #22 then finished in the oven. Hill House has an indoor barbecue which I might us next time.....

For the sauce I made a traditional moules mariniere recipe - white wine, onion, cream to cook the mussells and let them cool so I could take them out of the shell. I then re-heated the sauce, strained through a sieve to remove bits of broken mussell shell, and added some coconut milk. Again - I did not want a strong, sweet flavour (it's coconut cream which is the sweet one). The coconut milk has a lighter texture on the palette than cream and I added just enough for a background flavour, but not so much as to be overpowering. Coconut milk is one of the key ingredients in hot and sour soup, along with coriander, which I added in this dish too. So what you had was a light serious mussell-flavoured liquor with a hint of coconut and coriander. To finish off I added just a touch of curry powder (to see how this is made click here) again, just as a background seasoning, like you use black pepper.

To finish off the dish I added crispy noodles - a great light alternative to potatoes, pasta or rice.

All the plates came back empty on this first outing of the dish at Hill House (one of the Big Cottages), with rave reviews, which is always a good sign......

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