Chocolate tart with creme fraiche ice cream and gold leaf

Friday, October 10, 2008
Chocolate tart served a few hours ago (as seen before here). The recipe comes from here:

Creme fraiche ice cream recipe is from here: . It's fair to say you haven't lived before you tasted it. The tartness matches perfecly with the chocolate tart. And it's soft scoop (if you use the ice cream machine).

The ice cream is garnished with candied orange zest, made the same way as the lemon zest shown here. After using the orange zest I was, of course, left with the whole orange, so the natural thing seemed to be to juice it and reduce it.

Orange syrup

Strain the OJ into a small saucepan, then boil up and simmer till it's reduced to a thick syrup. To make orange vinaigrette for a salad, add olive oil, but for a dessert sauce, as here, add icing sugar, and whisk it till smooth and refrigerate to thicken it up. Because it is so reduced, the orange flavour is intense so you only need a little on the plate.

Opposite the orange syrup are a few chopped pistachios.

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susan said...

ooh, nice tart. very creative loooking, not to mention delicious looking.

Maggie said...

Being a pudding person and also someone who loves bling - the tart looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

man, forget the chocolate, just looking at that orange syrup made me drool.