Cheese wedding cake

Monday, October 27, 2008
"It was quite delicious as well as everything else."
- J. Lacey, mother of the bride

Created for a wedding at Upper Court in August 2008.

The advantage of a cheese wedding cake is that you can eat it throughout the evening as a buffet - it comes in to it's own around 10 - 11pm when guests have danced up some hunger pangs.

Given enough notice we can arrange your favourite cheeses. The ones chosen on this occasion were:
Bottom layer: Montgomery’s Cheddar
Next layer: Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire
Next layer: Colston Bassett Stilton
Next layers: 2 large Waterloo
Next layer: 1 small waterloo
Top layer: Petit Langres

As it was for so many people - 170 - we also added some St. Eadburgh's and St. Oswold from Gorsehill Abbey Farm on the side of the 'cake'. And after the 'cake' cutting we warmed up our homemade thyme bread pictured last month, oatcakes and Miller Damsel biscuits.

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i absolutely LOVE this idea. if i hadn't already gotten married i would want this as my wedding cake.