Assiette of mini desserts

Monday, July 14, 2008
Glazed lemon tart, chocolate and nut torte, raspberry shortbread (with both the shortbread and creme patisserrie being made fresh that afternoon), homemade prosecco sorbet and crème brûlée. Which dessert should you choose? Decisions decisions. Why not choose all 5 in mini form?

As served at Littleton Manor on Saturday 12 July 2008. To see another version done last month click here.

Edit 2010

This was one of the first versions of the assiette we served. Now it has become so popular we have a wide choice of different desserts which we add to as new ideas/ requests come along. We are also ever refining each dessert - for example homemade individual mini tart cases. You can see a lot of these on our assiette of dessert facebook album.

FAQ - What does assiette mean?

Assiette is the french term for plate, so literally translated it is a plate of desserts. But literal translations never quite purvey the full meaning - it also means prepared dish/ selection - hence you have an assiette of desserts, an assiette of charcuterie (USA - cold cuts), an assiette of lemon (desserts), an assiette of fruits de mer and so on.....

Other assiette desserts -

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