Murder mystery evening at Rectory Park

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Someone's dead - must be the food. Although it could have been the poison found in the drawing room.
Mini fish pie canape glazed using kitchen tip #8

Yes we catered for another Saturday evenings entertainment with Murder to Measure, this time at Rectory Park in Slimbridge.

Canapes, some of which you have seen before, were on the menu, eaten outside on the terrace in the last of the evening sun, while guests started their detective work.

Japanese spoons of wild mushroom risotto with

smoked salmon blinis in the middle

Asparagus and parmesan made a nice light summer starter, and grilled fillet of beef with runner beans, roast artichokes, rosti potato and a horseradish jus, the main course.

Then, after some revelations from the detectives, there was a specially requested assiette of desserts:

Dark chocolate tart

White chocolate and blueberry cheesecake

Japanese spoon of creme brulee

Strawberry and champagne tartlet

Shotgass of raspberry sorbet

All we had to do then was clear up the dead body.......

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Anonymous said...

Hope the dead bodies didn't find their way into the leftovers!

I haven't seen this "Japanese spoon of..." before. Nice presentation.