Kitchen tips # 26 - No more screams for ice cream

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Question: How do you get ice cream on top of a hot dessert and get it out to the table before it all melts away?

Tarte tatin with madagascan vanilla ice cream

Answer: Place a plate or baking tray in the freezer for at least 10 minutes so it is ice-cold. Scoop or quenelle ice cream into perfect ice cream scoops and place on the ice cold tray - the ice cream should stick to the tray (if you use a tray at room temperature it slides to the other side and melts fast). Fill the tray and place back into the freezer till you are ready to serve.
This can be done hours in advance, or minutes, like I had on this occasion. All you need to do then is go out to the herb garden, pick a hadful of mint sprigs, stick them in the top of the ice cream, then, using a palette knife dipped in hot water, transfer them to your culinary creation.

Any other questions?

Edit 26/9/11

220 Apples for tarte tatin for a wedding & dinner party on the same weekend begining of September

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The Phantom Chef said...

Absolutely brilliant - Just what I needed. James you're a star, thanks