Sauteed purple sprouting broccoli and courgettes with creamy polenta and nettle vinaigrette

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

  • Creamy polenta - about 50g polenta to 180ml chicken/ vegetable stock and 20ml cream for one rather large appetite or two smaller ones (youcan always re-heat the leftover). Add polenta to hot stock and cream. Add a knob of butter and chopped thyme and cook for a minute.

  • Nettle vinaigrette - Squeeze steamed nettles (the water they hold makes the vinaigrette dark). Whizz in the proccessor with vinigrette. Add warm water to thin the vinaigrette down to spooning consistency.
  • Sauteed courettes and purple sprouting broccoli - Saute courgettes first. Add PSB after a minute. Leave till well coloured - that's where the flavour is, add a little water at the end to make steam which finishes the cooking. Season with salt, pepper and a little balsamic syrup.

Ref: 1001 kitchen tips #21 - top nettle picking tips

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