1001 kitchen tips #21 - Top nettle picking tips

Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Now is the season for nettles - pick them while they are young and tender.

1. Choose your nettle patch carefully. I found mine on the bank of the river Severn. Make sure:

  • You are away from dog walking routes (obvious reasons)

  • You are away from arable fields (crop sprays/ pesticides)

  • The soil isn't sandy - sandy soil gets splashed up all over the nettles when it rains and however much you wash them they will still be gritty.

  • There hasn't been recent floods around your nettle patch - the nettles near the bank were covered with sludge.

  • Avoid nettles under trees -they suffer from birds and whatever the tree decides to drop.

2. Get the marigolds out to avoid the sting.

3. Pick just the tips - they are the most tender part. The bigger the leaves get the more fibrous they are.

4. Wash them well in water when you get back - again use the marigolds.

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excellent tips! - found this from historyofgreekfood site;
i enjoyed using nettles in some mini-pies i made recently - tasted just like spinach!