Pork curry

Monday, March 31, 2008
While you can make your curry in a hurry, there are times when you want something much superior.

I took some spices - a dessert spoonful of cumin, caraway, fennel and coriander seeds, half a tsp nutmeg, half a cinnamon stick, 3 cardamon pods, 4 cloves and half a tsp black and pink peppercorns.

These were dry-roasted which releases the flavour.

Then blitzed in the proccessor to a powder.

Before being mixed with the pork from our local farm and left to marinade all day.

After marinading it was browned, removed to a oven tin, then the same pan used for searing the onions.

garlic, ginger, a whole chilli (with seeds) and a couple of curry leaves all chopped were added, then chopped tomatoes and chicken stock. This was covered with foil and left in the oven for a hour and a half. After this the meat was removed and cooled while the sauce was adjusted for taste (the chilli had been too big and it was too hot, so the sauce was let down with a bit more chicken stock to weaken the heat, then thickened with cornflour.
If you are serving the curry there and then you can drop the meat back into the sauce for it to get back to temperature.

I also added a couple of spoons of yogurt, chopped fresh mint and coriander.

For the rice, again I dry fried cumin, caraway, fennel and coriander seeds, 3 cardamon pods, 4 cloves mixed with about 1/2 tsp of turmeric which gives you the colour.
To avoid stodgy rice you need to rinse through a sieve with cold water to remove the starch. Then you can transfer it to an oven tin and mix through your spice mix. Add double the quantity of chicken stock to rice.
Just before it's cooked (about 25 - 40 minutes depending on the quantity or size of tin you can mix through raisins which till take on some of the stock and become juicy. When it's cooked (all liquid gone and al dente texture) mix through chopped coriander and toasted flaked almonds.
To turn out as a rice tower, see kitchen tip #19
Finish with coriander leaves and dried coconut

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Unknown said...

That looks like it is going to be good with all of the fresh ingredients and freshly ground spices. Toasting and grinding your own spices really brings out their flavours and aromas.