Kitchen tips # 17 - After dinner mince

Monday, March 17, 2008
If you are vegetarian or have a nervous disposition look away now.

Your guests loved the saddle of lamb you cooked for them on Saturday night. Maybe it was the way you cooked it, or the fact that you picked it up from the local farm, so know it has been reared, hung and butchered with care. On the Sunday after the washing up you still have the trimmings from the lamb left in the back of the fridge and are wondering what you can do with them.

You have eaten the kidney devilled with some scrambled egg for breakfast.

You used some bones for the gravy - roasting them in the oven first for extra flavour. The rest of the bones and left over cooked trimmings have been used to make scotch broth.

Now the rest of the trimmings - trimmed off to leave just the eye of the meat - can be put through the mincer to turn into minced lamb.

For a finer texture you can put the mince back through the mincer.

The resulting mince can be used for moussaka, shepherds pie, meatloaf or a simple pasta sauce.

For a reduced fat diet, once the mince is cooked allow to cool. The fat will rise to the top and solidify, this can then be taken off with a spoon.

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