Kitchen tips # 14 - Oh crumbs!......

Monday, March 03, 2008
You've cut out the bread circles to make the bread and butter pudding, you've cut out the discs of bread to make your canape bases, and then you throw your bread left overs into the........ no not the bin - the oven.

Place on a baking tray right at the bottom of the oven (where the temperature is lower, so less chance of burning) while something else is cooking so you're not expending electricity or gas on your oven specially. When dried to a crisp the bread trimmings can be ground into bread crumbs in your food proccessor. These will last in the store cupboard for a month or two, on hand for those recipes you need bread crumbs for......

.... like breadcrumbed fish on Fish Friday (choose pollock - the new favourite sustainable fish over the endangered cod or haddock). Cook in the oven for a low fat diet or use olive oil for healthy frying and serve with low fat creme fraiche dressing or traditional tartare made with low fat mayonnmaise.

You can also collect the bread crumbs from the side of the bread board after slicing your bread for toast & sandwiches and dry those - nothing is wasted in an efficitent kitchen.

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