1001 kitchen tips # 16 - Walking on egg shells

Tuesday, March 04, 2008
Well not so much walking on egg shells as crawling on them. Slugs and snails don't like it. They stay away. So there you have an organic slug repellant.

I was considering what to do with my rhubarb plant.

Rhubarb, like asparagus take a while to get anywhere. I only planted it last year, and it was eaten by slugs almost straight away. I had written it off, until I saw the new leaves at the begining of February, one stem fell away in the heavy frosts, but others survived, although one of those it looks like have been eaten by catterpillars, so this led me to the anti-slug trail.

Apart from having tea with the neighbours, making meringues and aubergine fritters, one of the highlights of the 180 mile journey to visit my granparents when I was 8 was smashing up egg shells with a rolling pin. That and setting off the timer on the kitchen hob. Kids love any time spent at Destruction Juction.

Every shell from breakfast eggs to meringue making eggs, to cake making eggs would be added to the tin in the bottom of the oven. Then each time you switch the oven on, they cook/ dry out a little more. Every so often when the tin got too full they would be tansferred to a carrier bag and hung up in the utility room waiting for that smashing time.

Funnily enough, sprinkling them around all the plants in the garden didn't have as much allure at 8 as the smashing did. How times change.

Don't they?

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