1001 Kitchen tips #11 - I've got a bone to pick

Friday, February 01, 2008

Trout makes a great summer bistro dish cooked in local cider and apples and is just as good on the barbecue marinaded in coconut and chilli.
People often steer clear of trout because of the bones. I would too if I didn't remove the bones before cooking -they are easy to remove, so I always do, and it makes for a much more enjoyable meal.

I can phone up the trout farm and they go and catch the trout, and by the time I get there it has been filleted - you can't get fresher than that. But that can also be a problem. Last year I picked up the trout as usual and took it back to the kitchen to prepare it. When it came to removing the pin bones, I found they were stuck fast. Fish tweezers wouldn't do it - they kept slipping, scissors would only do it if you cut round the bones, but this would spoil the fish, so obviously I wasn't going to do that. It was as if they had been super glued in. Reluctantly I had to put the trout in the fridge overnight and continue the next morning.

The next morning the pin bones came out easily like normal - the lesson being your fish can be too fresh, and the flesh has to relax before you can remove the bones.

The fishing lake at Donnington trout farm

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