New Years Eve 2007

Thursday, January 03, 2008
Seared scallops with parsnip puree, parsnip crisps and champagne sauce. The star of our new years eve menu

A little coriander puree helped to cut through the richness.

Vegetarian main course. Savoy cabbage filled with bubble and sqeak on top of Oakfield organic field mushrooms with sauteed artichokes and a red wine vinaigrette.

The secret was in the freshness - it was all prepared a couple of hours before serving, and a little parmesan mixed in with the bubble and squeak.

In the kitchen rush I missed a photo of the lamb main course.

Roast butternut squash risotto with chilli and coconut. A butternut squash cream accompanied it.

Coconut flakes ready to dry in a low oven

Onions caramelise for the bubble and squeak

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Rosie said...

Sounds a great New Years Eve menu!!

Rosie x