Brunch at Rectory Park - top 5 flavours

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
1 - With their aga turned down, so it wouldn't crisp the bacon, I finally had to use the indoor barbecue at Rectory Park. It produced the most amazing grill flavour ever, and I was an instant convert and can't wait for an excuse to use it again.
2 - Having perfected the bread making now, with the best quality flour and olive oil, the crust tastes almost like brioche.

3 - Smoked haddock au gratin - the perfect Sunday brunch choice

4 - Ever popular american pancakes with maple syrup and clotted cream. The slower heat of the aga meant they cooked perfectly.
5 - Scrambled egg - that Sunday breakfast staple - cooked in a bain marie over boiling water, so it stays light, fluffy and creamy and never overcooks.

All you need now is the Sunday papers.

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