1001 Kitchen tips # 10 - Cheese please

Thursday, January 10, 2008
A kitchen without mis-en-place is not a kitchen you can work in - all those things prepared for the exact moment they are needed. This is how you can cook for 50 people plus in a day.

Cooking in large quantities as I do in my work kitchen I always have grated cheese en place - it saves grating it each time you need it, and stays in the fridge for about 3 days before it's all used up.

At home where I cook more infrequently I use one of my gran's kitchen tips and keep some grated cheese in the freezer. Cheese in the fridge at home has this habit of staying there for a 'special treat', but never getting used, so if kept in the freezer it is always there for when it is needed rather than the green cheese you normally find at the back of your fridge. It can be used from frozen, or left to defrost as you do for bread for just 10 minutes or so. Ideal for that late night cheese toasty, cheese omlette, cheese sauce for pasta or anything you like......

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