Pork tenderloin curry pronto - curry in a hurry

Sunday, December 23, 2007
Baked beans. The various nationalities looked on in amusement as we ate baked beans for breakfast, but that's what we do in England, and as ex-pats in other countries too.

"So do you cook at home?" is an often asked question. After a long day cooking the finest food for our finest clinentele, feeding oneself is another matter. It's well known, thanks in part to AW T, that baked beans can be a chef's best friend when cooking at home in the hours after midnight that we are used to. There's also many a fried chicken or kebab house that would suffer without the patronage of after hours chefs on their way home after a long day. Happily though, leaving London, I can leave that crazy way of life behind.

As we know, good food can be fast food. So what can you do with pork tenderloin (raw), the remenants of a mango and a decimated coriander plant in under ten minutes?

Fast food demands fast heat. Boil chicken stock and a little cream (you could use coconut milk of course if you had it - and this would have more flavour). Add a spoonful of curry paste which is always sitting at the back of your fridge. While this is coming to the boil, cut the pork tenderloin (which I get from the local farm) in thin slices (the thinner it is, the faster it cooks). Add to the 'sauce' and let the pork cook in the sauce just below boiling point. When the pork is cooked, thicken the sauce with a little cornflour. Add some diced fresh mango, some ripped coriander, and you're ready to serve with rice, bombay potatoes, naan bread, or anything left from the day's cooking.

Yes - it may not be the finest recipe, but it's very tasty fast food. You could also use cooked turkey which you're about to have an abundance of......

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