Canape duck filo rolls

Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Filo dries out very quickly. While I'm making the first batch of rolls, I keep the remaining filo for the next batch under cling film or a damp cloth.

Here's something I made earlier. Duck leg confit. Cooked in goose fat, mirepoix and thyme in the oven for three hours. Keep the goose fat for next time, as it builds up the flavour, or use it to roast your potatoes on Sunday. The confit is broken down and mixed with hoi sin sauce and diced apple cooked in cider.
The rolls are sealed with beaten egg. Filo goes soft very quickly and sticks to the table, so I only brush a few at a time.
Egg washed on the top and sprinked with sesame seeds, then cooked for about 10 minutes, or till you can smell they're done.

Although these ones were frozen for a frozen canape delivery, they were served earlier on the year for a buffet:

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Anonymous said...

Did you freeze these before or after cooking ?

James said...

Those ones were frozen after cooking - so all the clients had to do was heat them up in the oven - make it easy and nothing could go wrong. You could also freeze them uncooked if you wanted to save on prep time.