1001 kitchen tips # 7 - Easy clean roasting trays

Sunday, December 30, 2007
Yes - they may have given the plates and pans to the dogs to lick clean, then put them back on the sideboard to be used again in medival times, but you just can't do that these days. They hadn't invented microbes back then.

Dishwashers are good but they have limits, and the limits (are your patience) are most often tested with those roasting tins which you've put off cleaning since the Sunday roast.

So what's the short cut to save the scrubbing brush? Line the bottom of the roasting tin with foil. Anything that normally burns solid to the bottom of the tin will burn on to the foil. Then when it's cooled down after use, you lift this off, throw it away, and you're left with an easy clean.

OK - from the environmental point of view you might use more foil, but you use less washing up liquid, and less scouring pads, so I think one cancels out the other.

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