1001 Kitchen Tips #1 - Season your frying pan/ How to salt a frying pan

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Any help in the kitchen is generally gratefully received. Last year I had someone washing up. He seemed to be doing such a good job I left him to it. A few minues later he was still scubbing away ".... almost got rid of this" he said "it was really tough to get off...." I looked more closely. He had indeed got rid of most of it - the non-stick on my best baking tray that is.


How do you season a frying pan?
Is there something you must do to a new stainless steel pan before using it?
What does it mean to season a pan?

When it comes to frying pans, you can't beat stainless steel - brilliant heat distribution, and so easy to clean afterwards.

The trick to make sure what you're cooking doesn't stick is to season the pan - sprinkle a thin layer of salt in and let it heat up.

Then with a cloth wipe it around - as if you were polishing it. Watch out as the salt gets very hot, and will burn if you come into contact with it.
After this, empty the salt into a metal container to cool down before discarding (the heat in the salt will burn throuh plastic, especially bin bags!). Rub the pan again to remove the last grains of salt and you are ready to fry.
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