1001 Kitchen Tips #2 - Ice and a-slice

Monday, November 26, 2007
The phone goes. Saturday afternoon. "We can make it after all" they say. There's always someone who changes their mind at the last minute.

So you've made the terrine for your dinner party and now you have to get 10 pieces out of it when really you were pushing it just to get 8 - what are you to do? Get the knife sharpener.

1 - Place your terrine in the freezer till the edges are just a little firm. This makes it much easier - you are cutting something solid instead of jelly. Don't leave it in too long or you will be trying to cut through an ice cube.

2 - Fill a jug with hot water. First off you want to sit your knife in the water till it's warm. The hot knife will slice through the slighly frozen terrine much more easily. When you've made your first slice, dip the knife back in the water. Clean the blade - this will stop any debris catching while you are slicing so your terrine is much less likely to fall apart while you are slicing.

3 - After you have all your slices, dip the knife in the hot water again and run it flat over the top of each slice to smooth it off and leave a good finish.

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Pete said...

I bet one of those sashimi knives would work a treat!