A weekend catering at Rectory Park, Slimbridge

Sunday, July 15, 2007
Ballottine of chicken and apricot wrapped in pancetta

To take out for a lunch time picnic Saturday

Sunday Lunch

Luckily the weather was fine for Sunday lunch too, so after we had served breakfast, the group walked round Slimbridge nature reserve while we made the preparations for Sunday Lunch which we were able to serve outside on the terrace.


Salad of parma ham with rocket, parmesan, caper berries, olive oil and balsamic

Salad of haricot bean puree with broad beans and parmesan

Served as a vegetarian alternative, and it was difficult to tell which was nicer.

Main Course

Roast sirloin of beef, rosemary roast potatoes, french beans in red onion, glazed Chantenay carrots and red wine sauce, served with yorkshire puddings

The roast potatoes crisped very well in the hottest oven of the aga, while the beef started off in the hot oven, then moved down to the slower oven to cook more slowly. Meanwhile in the warming oven were the plates and homemade caraway seed bread rolls. When the beef was cooked it rested on the warming plate on top of the aga. Agas make cooking so enjoyable, and produce great results.

Almond nut roast

Vegetarian food can be very good. This was made about an hour before serving - as fresh as it could be. Ground almonds were mixed with red onions, baby sweetcorn, yellow pepper, fresh thyme and mixed spice. Flaked almonds were mixed in last so they didn't break up. This was laid flat on baking paper, then prunes soaked in rum rolled into the middle. The roulade was cooked wrapped in the aga for about twenty minutes, the unwrapped and returned for about ten minutes to crisp the outside. Again, once cooked this could be held in the warming oven.


Tarte tatin with homemade vanilla ice cream

Once the main course had been served the tarte tatins went in the hot oven, served with carmel sauce and homemade vanilla ice cream.

Sunday Evening Buffet

Sunday Evening fish buffet delivered in the evening to be self served

Prawns in marie rose sauce
Crab with crème fraiche, lemon and chive
Pickled herrings

Parcels of smoked trout on pumpernickel
Herb roasted salmon
Tiger prawns

All served with salad, tarragon mayonnaise and French dressing

Homemade chive and onion bread

Dessert was pear and blackberry tart with crème angalise

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