Scallops with pea puree, saffron potatoes and pancetta

Monday, July 02, 2007

Taken last Thursday near Dowdeswell, Cheltenham, the brightness has been photoshopped - hence the strange glow.
I'm still using some saffron I brought back from Spain for the potatoes. When my Grandparents first went to Spain on holiday they used to get tiny sachets of saffron instead of change in some shops, and we have an old family recipe for paella, handed down from a real Spaniard who had it past from his family - safe to say it is the best ever paella, and is saved for very special occasions. Sadly these days you go shopping in Spain only get Euros in change.
The basil sauce is made with chicken stock, cream, milk and basil, and has been frothed with a hand blender to make it lighter.
This is a very summery dish, and was served with a medley of runner beans, mange tout and broad beans.

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