Pheasant for dinner

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The new addition to the garden. You always hear them when you're out walking in the Broadway hills. But now there's one that comes visiting the garden every day.

Seeing pheasants hanging outside the butchers is quite the most amazing sight. It made for the most amazing Christmas Day lunch a few years ago. Starting early, I pulled the carrots out of the ground and put the pheasant in the oven on timer while we went out wakling up to Broadway tower - a Christmas Day tradition. It was cooked and resting by the time I got back. In went the roasties with some thyme and rosemary fresh from the herb garden. Next I cut the breasts off the bone, hacked up the bones and caramelised it all in the roasting tray, deglazed it with the night before's left over mulled wine and let that simmer down. Then glazed carrots and crushed parsnip finished it off.
So what does all this tell you? Pheasants make memorable meals. But not this one - this pheasant (in the photo above, taken through the window) is like the new garden mascot.

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